Villagers in Tualang Gepang/Bukit Kencur SAVE an orangutan!

Last week we received a phonecall at around 6 in the evening from one of our tracking guides in the village of Tualang Gepang/Bukit orangutan had been spotted that afternoon by a villager rubber tapping in the fields just behind the was in a durian tree. The villagers were monitoring it and wanted to inform the national park rangers. We gave them the number of a senior ranger who went to the village that very evening to assess the situation. The following day rangers went to the village to encourage the orangutan to move on..and found villagers and children close by..guarding it. The rangers used firecrackers to make a noise and the orangutan moved on...eventually...after destroying the new fruit buds in the durian tree where it was 'hiding'. This means that this season the tree will not have many fruit....a big financial blow to the farmer who owns the tree. But non the attempted to harm the orangutan by throwing stones, shooting it, burning the tree etc as is often the case when other such encounters are reported.
Several of our trackers guides from the village told me that kids were heard to be saying..."we cant throw stones or hurt it because the white visitors will get angry". would be better if they'd said we should protect it because it's amazing etc...but the fact that Green Hill have been taking guests trekking in this area for almost 10 years has created a presence and awareness that the wildlife should be protected and led directly to this positive outcome! HOORAH and THANKYOU to all our guests for booking with Green Hill and allowing us to continue our conservation and community work in this extremely important border habitat. And THANK YOU to the villagers and rangers. Coming soon: news about Greenwood BaseCamp..our project headquarters in this area.