Non trekking things to do!!

There is so much more to do in and around Bukit Lawang than simply trekking. Disconnect from the internet, take a step back in time and  learn about Indonesian culture and see traditional activities by taking a tour of local villages. If "food" is your thing why not take a cooking class or our market trip followed by a tutored lunch to taste real local Indonesian food. If you want to explore and experience nature without a full on trek then a walk to the amazing bat cave followed by swimming and riverside lunch is just for you. A little further afield is our wonderful trip to the waterfall along the Kerapu river or for a real adventure trip try the hot springs at Batu Ronggring or visit the stunning Saringgana waterfall at Marieke. Don't forget that you can also spend days just kicking back and chilling out at Green Hill!

1/2 day Village Tour by becak (tuk-tuk).

On this half day cultural discovery trip you will travel by becak (motorbike+side car) through the beautiful rice paddi fields and explore the villages surrounding Bukit Lawang where you will be able to see (and maybe even take part in) traditional activities which have not changed for many, many years. Along the way you will see small scale farming for a wide variety of produce such as cacao (chocolate), rubber, banana and maize. You will also be able to observe the making of traditional foods such as the fudge like red palm sugar and the production of tofu. See villagers weaving bamboo walls for local houses and palm tree leaves for roof thatching. At the end of your trip you will take a rest and have a refreshing drink of  freshly harvested coconut milk. Throughout the trip your guide you will teach you about the everyday life of village people and will translate any questions you have for the villagers. COST: 350,000 IDR per person (min 2 people) solo traveller = 500,000 IDR Includes: guide, transport, donation to each place visited.

1/2 day village walking tour with Jumira.

Join us in supporting a local female entrepreneur who has created this awesome walking tour based on her childhood experiences. To really get a feel for a different way of life, see where your food comes from and observe the functioning of a rural ecosystem take a wonderful relaxing guided walk along the irrigation channels and through the rice paddi fields surrounding the villages outside Bukit Lawang. You will walk down river from Green Hill and then along the irrigation channels which will bring you to the lush rice paddi fields where you will see small scale farming for a wide variety of produce such as cacao (chocolate), rubber, banana, chillis, maize, coconuts, durian, catfish, vegetables, and much much more. Jumira will also share with you unique things such as making necklaces from tapioca leaves, temporary “tattoos” from fern leaves and maybe you will get a chance to make a Following the irrigation channels you will really see how important the river and the water it provides is to the local communities. Your walk will end in the village of Landbao where a rest at a local home (Jumiras Aunty), have a lunch of gado-gado and drink fresh young water direct from the coconut. You will return to Bukit Lawang by a fun becak ride. COST: 350,000 IDR per person (min 2 people) solo traveller = 500,000 IDR inc: guide, transport, lunch, snack

1/2 day Cooking Class

On this half day class you will  first visit the local morning market and shop for the ingredients after which you will  travel to the local village with your guide and learn to cook  some classic  Indonesian dishes  at a local home..probably with the mum of one of our staff members. The dishes you will learn to cook will all be fresh and you will be taught the different spice mixes for each. They can be adapted to your own tastes and you can vary the ingredients when you get back home and impress your friends with some delicious and exciting food. The most popular dish and often requested recipe is the famous Green Hill Rendang. Other could be vegetable curry, nasi goreng (fried rice), mie goreng (fried noodles), tempe sambal (spicy tomato sauce), gado-gado (spicy peanut sauce). After you have finished cooking you will then have lunch....which will be the dishes you have just helped to cook!
COST: 350,000 IDR per person (min 2 people) solo traveller = 600,000 IDR includes: guide, teacher, ingredients, transport, lunch.

1/2 day FOOD DISCOVERY tour: visit market and local “buffet” lunch 

If you like food you will love this trip. The weekly market is about 80% fresh produce and you can see mountains of ginger, chillis, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, spinach, green beans, tofu, tempe and much much more. Whilst none of this is prepackaged join us in our ZERO PLASTIC challenge by bringing a tote bag to hold anything you buy.....some snake fruit, pineapple, watermelon perhaps. Turn heads by refusing plastic bags! You can also see the weekly rubber trading which is an important part of the local economy (during the economic crash the price per kg was less than a kg of rice!). After you have tried a yummy drink of fresh coconut milk, red palm sugar and dayglo jellies (!) we will then take you to a local food stall for lunch so you can try real Indonesian food.The big weekly market is Friday or Sunday but we can run this trip any day as there is always a smaller morning market every day.
COST: 350,000 IDR per person (min 2 people) solo traveller = 500,000 IDR Includes: guide, transport, drink in market, local lunch.

1 day Bat Cave + Landak River BBQ

On this  day walk your guide will take you through some very interesting border habitats (plantation, secondary forest,  ladangs: vegetable plots) on the way to the batcave which is an impressive cave system with many stalagtites and stalagmites. You will be able to see the bats as they are resting in the day time and your guide will help you explore and maybe spot other cave inhabitants (swallows, snakes, cave crickets etc). After a visit to the impressive bat cave  your guide will take you on a gentle walk through plantations and secondary forest to the beautiful Landak River where you can chill out, relax and swim while your guide prepares your lunch of a fresh fish or chicken barbeque (veggie option available :-). There are many opportunities for spotting wildlife along the way and if you are lucky you could even see wild orangutans! COST: 350,000 IDR per person (min 2 people) solo traveller = 550,000 IDR Includes: guide, entrance fee, BBQ lunch
1/2 day trip to bat cave = 250,000 IDR p/p

1 day Raffelesia Flower.

The Rafflesia arnoldii is the biggest flower in the world and it is extremely rare and thus difficult to see. It does not have a season so we never know when it is going to be visible. But we do have local guides monitoring the areas where it has been seen and if it flowers we will be able to arrange for a strictly limited number of guests to visit the area. We really must take care of the environment and this amazing plant!
It is a parasitic plant that has no leaves, roots or stem and depends entirely on ONE specific type of vine for its life. It is the Panda of the plant world! When it flowers from within the vine the buds (which look like rotten cabbages) open and the flower gives out a stink that attracts carrion flies which then pollinate it.....if there is a flower of the opposite gender nearby! Usually pollinators get a reward of nectar from the flower but the Rafflesia tricks the flies into visiting with its stinky smell...thus being known as the Corpse Flower. COST: 1,000,000 IDR per person (min 2 people) solo traveller = 800,000 IDR Includes: National Park and guide association permits, guide, transport, local guide, lunch.

1 day Waterfall Trip: swim and bbq.

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1 day Hot Springs.


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1 day Saringana BIG waterfall.

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