Explore WILD Sumatra from our unique eco accommodation in two stunning rainforest locations.
Treetop bungalows in Bukit Lawang OR our off-grid jungle villa at Kuta Langis Ecolodge.

Go jungle trekking with our hand picked, experienced and professional guides.

Discover AMAZING wildlife, see STUNNING places & meet WONDERFUL people !

We specialise in conservation focused and sustainable jungle trekking in areas which are off the beaten track and well away from the busy tourist trails but you can still join us for a classic jungle trek in Bukit Lawang or go beyond the ordinary and let us take you to see the untouched jungles of Bukit Kencur, Tualang Gepang, Simpang Dua and Simolap.
You will be welcomed by our team at Green Hill and guided on your adventure by one of our hand picked, knowledgeable and experienced guides. Whether you are a  family, a solo traveller, a couple, a group or you are an artist, musician, photographer, scientist, teacher etc, we know that no two guests are the same and our wish is to help create a trip that is exactly right for YOU. 



Because of the unique backgrounds and experience  of the husband and wife team who founded Green Hill in 2006 we can help you experience the wildlife and culture in a way that is not possible with conventional travel companies. Mbra was born in Bukit Kencur and has been a guide for over 20 years (many with a scientific research project) but is now focusing on the management of Kuta Langis Ecolodge and farmโ€ฆ..in a converted palm oil plantation. His English wife Andrea has lived in Sumatra for over 12 years, has a master's degree in Primate Conservation and runs an environmental education programme for adults (guides, visitors, locals etc) and a 'Nature Club & Jungle Library' for local children. We care passionately about the environment, the wildlife and the people around us and we want  you to enjoy your trip in a sustainable and responsible manner. We have a long running community conservation project centred around the villages of Tualang Gepang and Bukit Kencur just 30/40 minutes from Bukit Lawang. If you want to find out about grass roots conservation with forest edge communities you can visit and  stay at our project base, Kuta Langis Ecolodge.

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