Jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang is amazing but we specialise in taking you trekking away from the standard trails and use only hand picked, knowledgeable and experienced guides. We do this to share amazing environments, protect seldom visited areas of rainforest, work with other village communities and to take the pressure off the busier trails.

It can be tricky choosing the perfect trek so have a look at the different options, drop us an email and let us help you decide…we can even create a tailor made itinerary just for you.

Bukit Lawang trails represent only a very small part of the Gunung Leuser National Park and this area is reasonably well protected due to the presence of the tourism village and its frequent visitors. There are many other stunning areas in GLNP and the Leuser Ecosystem which are virtually untouched and home to incredible wildlife but are less protected and thus more vulnerable to human impact (hunting, poaching, extraction of natural resources...). Why not get the best of both worlds by joining us for a trek that combines trekking in two or more different areas of rainforest….see our DISCOVERY TREK options. When you join us for a trek in the less visited areas you will be helping us to continue our conservation work in the jungle and the surrounding community's.  Our presence in the remote village and taking guests trekking in surrounding jungle has had an impact as our tracking guides/community rangers have reported a great decrease in the numbers of snare traps and bird hunting areas. 

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Trekking in Bukit Lawang:

The scenery here is stunning, trails are well established and the wildlife is quite habituated so this means that you have quite high chances of spotting wildlife which includes orangutans, thomas leaf monkeys and great argus pheasants etc. The trails are well trekked and in high season can be very busy; as a result the wildlife does not exhibit normal behaviours (e.g. often coming down to the ground etc). A big draw about trekking here is that you have the option of returning after the trek by river rafting. 

Trekking in Bukit Kencur - Tualang Gepang….and beyond.

 ...is 30 minutes away by motorbike and really is a virtually untouched jungle. The environment is truly amazing and breathtaking.  The wildlife here shows 100% natural behaviour and is more difficult to spot...but it is definitely there (see our facebook page) so the focus here is on experiencing a prisitine rainforest environment away from the tourist trails. This is a real ECOTREK  and conservation option as we have a team of tracking guides from the local villages, some who used to be hunters and by trekking with us they have an alternative income. They also act as community rangers and inform national park authorities of any developments such as fallen trees blocking river flow etc.



These treks are ideal for families, for those of you who have not trekked much before or who are on a tight schedule. OR perhaps you want a 2 day trek adventure, in 2 different areas of national park... but don't want to sleep in the jungle......try our Tu-Tu trek.....



These treks are for those of you who want to get back to nature and spend a night camping overnight in the jungle. The most popular option is our DISCOVERY TREK where you explore two different areas of national park rainforest.  


If you really want to go deeper into the jungle and search for incredible wildlife then 3 days or longer is a great choice as you will have at least one day where you are purely trekking and searching for elusive silvery langurs and amazing hornbills.....